Mexico City-né Jorge Ayala navigates through disciplines reinventing scale, movement, and formal research. Ayala studied architecture in Beaux-Arts in Paris prior to entering the prestigious Architectural Association School in London.

After living a year in China, Ayala returns to France to kickstart as an entrepreneur and his luxury label Jorge Ayala.

Established in Paris, Ayala is a pluridisciplinary artist dedicated to cutting edge praxis and material experimentation, resulting on clothing design, applied arts and contemporary pieces, allowing a plethora of collaborations with Louis Vuitton, Swarovski, Levi's Mexico, Berlin Fashion Week, Franck Provost and United Nude, among others. His unconventional designs have been featured and wore by French rappers Maître Gims, Soprano and Kiddy Smile, British singer Beth Ditto and Halsey, Drake feat Wizkid new single.